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"Visit us for all of your gardening needs; you'll be glad you did!"
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Garden Supplies
We are not just a nursery; we are a complete gardening center. In addition to plants,
we carry quality Products, Fertilizers, Soils, Soil Amendments and Supplies to help make
your yard, gardens and ponds, the best that they can be.
Bird Netting
Frost Cloth
Kneeling Pads
Plant Protectors (Wall ‘o Water)
Shade Cloth
Tags & Labels
Trellis Netting
Weed Barrier
Ant Stakes & Dust
Ant & Spider Spray
Codling Moth Traps
Fly Traps & Ribbon
Mosquito Dunks
Slug & Snail Copper Tape
Tanglefoot Insect Barrier
Wasp Traps & Spray
Whitefly Traps
Dip ‘n Grow Rooting Hormone
Grodan A-Ok Plug Trays
Heating Coils
Peat Pots & Pellets
RooTing Hormone
Seed Starting Trays
Seed-Starting Heat Mat
Smart Pots

Soil pH Meters
Soil Test Kits
Moisture Meters
Bait Block
Cooke Pest Granules
Deer Fencing 100’ x 6’
Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Gopher, Mole & Vole
Gopher Getter type 1 & 2
Gopher Mix
Gopher & Mole Mover -sound
Ground Squirrel Bait
Mole Repellents, MoleMax,
MoleScram, Moletox & Tomcat
Rabbit, Dog & Cat Repellents
Root Guard Gopher Wire Baskets
Repels- All Animal Repellent
Snake Repellent
Cinch ties
Doc Farwell’s Seal & Heal
Frazee White Latex Tree Paint
Grafting Wax, Tape or Kit
Ross Root Feeder & Refills
Stakes (Bamboo, fir, lodge pole, metal)
Tree Guards
Tree Wound Pruning Sealer
& Grafting Compound
Tree Wrap
Coco Liners (Pre-formed & by the foot)
Sphagnum Moss in Rolls, Bags & Bales
Pamela Crawford Wire Baskets & Liners

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